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ListaFirme® (Romanian Companies) 2016 Gold CD

CD ListaFirme

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Over 600.000
Romanian Companies.

Online Access - Business information

  • Find out about Romanian Companies;
  • Take decisions based on knowledge;
  • Identify commercial risks and opportunities;
  • Put your own ideas worth!

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Information is for business like gasoline for engine!

Databases - Access or Excel

  • Work with data in your own applications;
  • The best flexibility in use;
  • Contact information for marketing;
  • Get the list of future customers or partners.

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Instant access by SMS

Sending a SMS you get insant access to information.
For this access type you don't need to register or to have an account.
This is the fastest way to access information.

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Updating data by Callcenter is checking and updating the contact information by its own Callcenter department.

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Customers / providers monitoring

Monitoring insolvency, official documents, court files and more.

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Taxpayers - Ministry of Finance

Weekly download.

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New Companies

Weekly download.

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Daily download.

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State debts

Quarterly download.

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Quarterly download.

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