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Databases CD with Romanian companies have customizable content.
You can choose the content by various selection criteria, filtering and sorting but you also can choose the types of information to be included for all companies.
This way you ensure that you invest just in the data you need right away and that you can use as long as information is still current.

Selection data can be exported in Excel or Access files and can be ordered on CDs or downloaded online immediately after card payment or spending views or after confirmation of payment by other means.

The invoice is sent with the CD or can be downloaded (after site login) within one business day.

User guide - How to select companies from the database

Steps to do:
  1. login with your account;
  2. click on the criteria County to search within selected counties only;
  3. click on the City to search within selected cities only;
  4. click on the Domain to search within selected domains;
  5. click on the Sort to select sorting criteria;
  6. click on the Filter to set filtering options;
  7. click on the Report to get statistics based on the current selection;
  8. click on the Companies to display selected list of companies;
Save at each step your options and selections by clicking [Continue].
At any time the selection status will be available on the top part of the page.

Utility of databases

Databases are required if you wish:
  • to conduct a study / marketing research;
  • to prepare a business plan;
  • to validate / complete with information your own customer list;
  • to determine the characteristics / profile of your customers;
  • to identify new potential customers and suppliers;
  • to realize direct contact campaigns ( direct marketing )
  • automate the registration process clients / billing ;
  • to mark out your ideas and detach from the competition.

At much lower cost than a TV advertising campaign or in print, direct marketing can reach exactly the target audience.

Build a database ...

Specialized databases

Databases for mail marketing

Due to the possibility of using multiple selection criteria, you can address only those companies whose features they indicate as the most suitable for the products and services promoted by direct mail.

Sending personalized letters with company name and the receiver's name amplify the message sent leading to increased efficiency of the campaign.

(check with Address on section Filtering)

Databases for telemarketing

Containing useful information for making telephone contacts, the telemarketing databases help you to design and implement communication and loyalty programs for companies, sales programs, follow-up for direct mail and market research.

Contacting by phone companies and individuals in their management, offers the possibility of direct interaction and adaptation to the needs and preferences of the called party.

(check the option with phone on the section Filtering)

Databases for email marketing

It is a means of advertising that does not require from you large financial investment . Impact of email messages may be in some cases not so big as expected.

Sending personalized email messages provides the fastest way to interact with companies who want to come in contact.

(check the option with Email on the section Filtering)

Databases for fax marketing

Fax marketing is a useful way to promote your business. Fax messages can be customized and transmitted without human intervention and can worth taking into consideration.

Using fax can be sent forms for surveys, invitations, coupons, facilitating communication with partners in some cases .

(check the option with Fax on the section Filtering)