Romanian Companies promotion - FEBRUARY 2020

when purchasing an online access on users can benefit from a bonus CIP Report, when purchasing any online access package in February 2020.

It is important to verify a company before starting any type of contract or partnership and ensure that it has the financial resources to cover future payment obligations. Balance sheet data gives an idea of the financial capacity of companies, but this are reported for the previous year and doesn’t faithfully reflect the current situation. The CIP report alongside outstanding debts to budgets are good indicators to make sure they have not entered into payment default.

Advantages of CIP query:

  • Helps managing risk factors;
  • Helps assessing business partners;
  • Up-to-date updated information;
  • Available Report 24/24.

How can you get the CIP report?

  • Purchase now any online access package and you will get a CIP report, at your choice, usable for the duration of your online access.
  • If you already have an access package on, you can always query the CIP by paying the report with the available account views. The CIP report is generated in pdf format and you can download it in less than 1 minute.
  • You can always get a CIP report using the card payment, even if you don’t have an access package, the cost is 6.5 Lei + VAT. After the payment confirmation, you will receive an email notification about the availability of the CIP report.
Getting CIP reports using views instead of card payment has advantages:
  • is faster;
  • is cheaper;
  • you no longer complete the order form for each;
  • you no longer care about the bill for each payment;
* The promotion is valid for the purchase of online access packages starting with 01.06.2019;
** The promotion does not apply to SMS access (Instant Access);