Instant access by SMS

For Instant Access (without registration) please follow the instructions bellow.
Available for Vodafone, Orange and Telekom networks within Romania.

  • Send by SMS to 7474 the kewword according chosen plan:
 Keyword to send  Tariff (without VAT)  Views limit  Access availability 
10.1 Eur5031 days
5.1 Eur2014 days
  • Answer with DA to the confirmation request you receive by SMS and you will a new message with the payment code (password).

    SMS payment code:

Information will be available online just the payment is done by SMS.
After login, on the right side, you can check at any time the remaining number of views and days.
Your account is valid until you exhaust the listings or until the time of selected plan runs out.
With Instant Access one has limited possibilities. To gain access to all the facilities offered by the site, such as advanced search, companies are arranged in lists by certain criteria, capability to edit one's own data and other services, you can buy a Access Pack.

After login, if you leave the website, your account will remain active!

This way you wont have to pay again to return to the site, during the remaining availability time, meaning until you run out of views or availability time.

You are free to login back, at any time, from any computer, using the same password, until the account is disabled.

The account is automaticaly disabled at the end of the availability time from the first use or when running out of views.

More than the "Instant Access" (accounts are not permanent), access plans allow: advanced searches, list of companies, editing of own data, access to other services and more information.