Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

ListaFirme is a website that holds information about the companies in Romania.

You can obtain contacts, financial data, credit rating, information about associates / administrators, relationship with other companies, history and more.
The data can be accesed online (with a subscription) or offline (data export).

Can I register if I don't have a company in Romania?

Users from outside of Romania might get an access account by ordering an online access plan.
Users from Romania might register by filling the registration form.

How many companies are in the database?

In the database there are 4,285,155 taxpayers from which 2,154,925 are companies from România registered at the Commerce Registry and that can be found on the website having information available. From legal entities present on the website 2,150,333 are companies (SRL, SA, RA, etc) and the rest are unknown type business. Among the companies, 1,014,348 have functioning status but only 819,275 are active according ANAF. By default, only active companies are selectable on the website (it is an usual requirement) and inactive companies, closed or personal businesses can be included in selections optionally and can be found by punctual searches. Taxpayers wit no own legal personality cannot be found on the website but they are included on the Taxpayers data service.

How many users are on is having 465,842 registered users out of which 63,112 company representatives. There are 7,314 visitors online now.

When your database was last time up-dated?

Due to the large amount of information, the subscribed data can not be updated at a given date, but is reviewed and updated over time over several months. Some types of data are updated daily (insolvency, files, official documents, new firms) or by rotation (phone, mobile, email, fax, web) and others with monthly periodicity (state of affairs, to budgets), biannual (associates, administrators, postal addresses) or annual (financial information on the balance sheet).

How accurate are the contact data?

The data are of the type the most recently available information. In the case of the companies which have an web-site or which appears in different publications, catalogs, and also the companies which are members on our site, their data are most likely to be new. The companies which don't want to be known, they don't want for their data to be published, will not appear in our database or they have old data. With the last type of companies we don't recommend to collaborate (see Fake Companies).

From where do you collect your data?

The data are obtained by own callcenter department, from public sources, the companies' web-pages, official publications, from direct marketing, from the members of our site and from different partners or co-workers which have semblable databases.

Where to find more?

To find out more please visit specifications section.

How often the up-date is made on CD?

Romanian-Companiesc CD won't be updated anymore. The latest version was 13.1.0. We recommend online access instead.
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