ReCom Online - Commerce Registry Report

(ReCom) The Trade Register shall record the data and documents necessary for the attribution of the status of legal person to an enterprise.

You can re-download ReCom reports already generated over the past ten days, free of charge.

Recently ordered ReCom reports:
Fiscal codeNameDateDownload ReCom
14331896FOTBAL CLUB CFR 1907 CLUJ SA2019/07/20
27024478PAUN V A VASILICA II2019/07/19
34758850FIRE LOGISTICS SRL2019/07/19
2156880INSTALATORUL SRL2019/07/15
30416030CALIN SPEDITION SRL2019/07/11
15382413EL CRIS SERVICE SRL2019/07/08
36484386SINPATRIK SRL-D2019/07/05
36238314JADORRE BY RALUCA SRL2019/07/03
33140450HR TIME SRL2019/07/02
13718054HAPPY POOL SRL2019/07/01
16301646SPEDIROM GRUP SRL2019/07/01
16784605ECOPOWER WASH SRL2019/06/27
35904473REPROBABLE SRL2019/06/20
21788085GRAFFITI PRINT SRL2019/06/19
14837428BORG DESIGN SRL2019/06/18
23291065DELTA AMBIENT SRL2019/06/18
8971726VODAFONE ROMANIA SA2019/06/14
9010105ORANGE ROMANIA SA2019/06/14
14837428BORG DESIGN SRL2019/06/11
35IMECO SA2019/06/10
14837428BORG DESIGN SRL2019/06/05
How to obtain the RECOM report?
If you already have an access package on, you can always query the RECOM by paying the report with the available account views.
The RECOM report is provided in pdf format and is downloadable online in less than 2 minutes. If the official sources are unavailable, the report will be automatically generated and will be announced to the email address associated with your account within hours.
You can always get a RECOM report using the card payment, even if you do not have an access pack, costing Lei 24 + VAT. Once you have confirmed your payment, you will receive an email notification about the availability of the RECOM report.
In the case of SMS access, AEGRM, CIP and ReCom reports are not available.
Monthly unlimited package, bonus received, reported, transferred or any other access package with discount doesn't allow AEGRM, CIP and ReCom reports to be downloaded using views.
The service is provided and billed by Borg Design SRL. You will be able to download the invoice within 48 hours from your account.