Overdue state debts

Service ANAF debts (overdue debts / state debts)

Database service providing information about all private companies having state debts according ANAF:

  • company name;
  • fiscal code;
  • total debts;
  • debts types;

The overdue debts database is usefull for risk management to avoid default situations.

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Activating the service is within 24 hours of receipt of contract  signed.
Delivery of data files on a quarterly basis by download.
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obligatii restante
The publication of the list of debtors, legal and physical persons, who register outstanding tax obligations, as well as the amount of these overdue obligations, is made quarterly according to the provisions of art. 162 of the Code of Fiscal Procedure approved by Law no. 207/2015 with subsequent modifications and additions.
Starting with 07/02/2017, according to the A.N.A.F. president's order no. 590/2017, the lower limits below which the total amount of the outstanding tax liabilities registered by the taxpayer is no longer subject to publication were changed as follows:
  1. 500.000 lei, for debtors who have the quality of Great taxpayer;
  2. 250.000 lei, for debtors who have the quality of Medium taxpayer;
  3. 100.000 lei, for the other categories of debtors, including individuals who have outstanding tax obligations and who carry out independent economic activities or have liberal profession;
  4. 15.000 lei, for individuals having debts, others than those on point 3
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