Company status

Service: Company status
This service helps you to download files containing company status checked in 3 sources (Commerce Registry, Ministry of Finance and ANAF);

  • files ordered using views can be downloaded until logoff or until you edit the fiscal code list;
  • if the column "Inactivare" is not empty it means that the company is inactive according ANAF starting with that date;
  • updating is continually active, system ensures that every taxpayer to be checked / updated at least every 2-3 months according to the source the Ministry of Finance and once a month according to the National Trade Register Office source.
  • information about status can save for you a lot of time, effort and money when contacting a target (like their customers) becouse you can avoid contacting the most of inactive companies. Becouse it isn't a must that all current states to be up to date, we recommend you in case of high risks/values to check official sources too.

To request access or if you have spaecial requirements please contact us.

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