Data update by own Callcenter is the only company information provider from Romania which is verifying and updating contact information by own callcenter department.

Birouri Call Center

User benefits from callcenter updates:

  • the newest and most acurate businesses contacts in Romania;
  • during verification, invalid or obsolete contacts are removed;
  • fresh contact information which can not be found in other sources are obtained and added;
  • 1.278.699 contact information checked/updated during a year;

Romanian-Companies members are the first who get fresh contact information and this provides a consistent competitive advantage.

Besides this very important advantage, ListaFirme also offers some unique benefits:

Casti Call Center
  • As the first and oldest such catalog companies in Romania ListaFirme can provide the most complete history of the companies, including data that can not be found at all in the official sources.
  • Becouse of the own data acquisition center, Romanian-Companies offerr to members several databases (New companies, Insolvency, State Debts, VAT status, Inactives, Taxpayers, Trademarks, Court files and more);

Romanian-Companies team aims to help users with accurate information, features and flexibility. The big number of users (over 300.000) that chosen Romanian-Companies prove that they got real benefits.